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  • Mae Kangsadan

    Mae Kangsadan

    Brave UX developer, I never test my code

  • Sudha Jamthe

    Sudha Jamthe

    Passion drives me: People, AI & Autonomous Vehicles Business @StanfordCSP, BusinessSchoolofSchool.com Vegetarian. Aspiration: a limitless world.

  • Anna Nguyen

    Anna Nguyen

    I take inspiration from the weird and the wonderful in the world and love creating expressive, intuitive and problem-solving design.

  • Chris


    Software: Developer, Architect, Lead, Head of

  • Pascal Landry

    Pascal Landry

  • Mohamad Safi

    Mohamad Safi

    Helping people broaden their perspective to grow inside and out

  • Omkar Yadav

    Omkar Yadav

  • Carol Smith

    Carol Smith

    UX Leader, speaker and community organizer. My thoughts on user research, design, AI and more. Provoking human values in AI.

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